Moss & Algae Removal

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Moss, Algae & Fungicidal Removal

We use Main Verte Green Algae and Fungicidal remover, which is an industrial strength biocide registered in Ireland by the department of agriculture. 

Algae & Fungicidal Removal

Main Verte Algae and Fungicidal Remover is a biodegradable liquid for removing moss, green algae, red discolouration, mould and lichen.

We use state-of-the-art rotary power washing equipment to get rid of dead growth, which a domestic power washer will not remove.

Moss can cause damage to your property if untreated

Moss is a pesky plant that if left untreated can cause damage to the roof tiles or slates. It can also be particularly unpleasant to see if growing on a path, driveway or a patio. If you’ve been searching for a way to rid yourself of moss growth across any of these areas, your best bet is to use a trusted moss killer.

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