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At Coulter's Contract Services, we provide a comprehensive hard floor deep cleaning and maintenance service to revive tired looking floors and give your workplace a new lease of life. We have extensive experience in all aspects of hard floor cleaning including scrubbing, buffing and polishing all types of commercial premises.

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What makes our Hard Floor Cleaning Service so special?

Using our latest specialised floor cleaning equipment we can remove dirt, grime and grease from grouting leaving your floor looking like new. A build up of dirt and grime in grout is a breathing ground for bacteria. 

We will strip off old polish, leaving your floor clean and grime free and reapply floor sealer and polish. We can completely revive your hard floors and make your commercial business look fresh and new.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of hard floors will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime and ultimately protect your flooring. A deep clean should be a part of your floor care program to restore protective qualities and keep your business looking at its best.

Different types of floor surfaces require specialist knowledge and skill to clean without damaging the integrity of the surface. We have the expertise and specialist equipment to seal hard floors where appropriate. With our floor cleaning expertise, you can be sure your floor gets cleaned without invasive procedures and to an exceptionally high standard of workmanship.

Need hard floors cleaned in your house or premises?

Why not use our professional hard floor cleaning service, You Will See the Difference!

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