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Mattress Cleaning & Treatment

Mattresses accumulate a huge amount of dead skin flakes, dust mites, debris and allergens. As a result, this can affect your sleep and you health. Are you experiencing allergy symptoms? If so, it's time to clean your mattress.

Step 1 - Our cleaning process will remove bacteria, fungi, mould and harmful germs using our industrial extraction equipment.

Step 2 - Mattress treatment.

What makes our Mattress Treatment so special?

Our special Mattress Treatment is an aqueous based solution that eliminates existing infestations and gives lasting protection against dust mites, fleas, bed bugs, moths, ants etc. Treatments will prevent reproductions to new or cleaned items. Mattress Treatment will remain effective until removed by washing, providing long lasting protection against asthma, eczema, hayfever, sinusitis, mould, fungi, bacteria and their resulting malodours.

How it works

Mattress Treatment creates an anti-microbial substrate – a barrier which kills the dust mites on contact. Any dust mites which have penetrated the mattress, are destroyed when they come to the surface to feed on dead skin cells or mite faeces.

Mattress Treatment qualifies for OKEKO TEX standard 100 CLASS IV for safety in handling and use. Endorsements for safety in the home and environment include – RCC Research and consulting Co, Switzerland & Leberco Testing Laboratory, USA. Mattress Treatment covers a broad spectrum including dust mites and their eggs plus prevention of re-infestation. Mattress Treatment will remain effective until removed by washing. Also covers fleas, carpet beetle, silverfish, bed bugs, moth, cockroaches, ants, etc.

Also suitable for the followings

Experts recommend that you get a mattress cleaning service every 12 months

Cleaning your mattress if an affordable way of prolonging your mattress' life and improving the quality of your sleep! You Will See the Difference!

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